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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a program for beginners?

Yes! Beach Lacrosse is a local recreational program that welcomes players of all skill levels in the beaches area. We offer true beginners clinics throughout the year with the option to rent equipment before the season begins to allow the girls to see if they enjoy the sport before making the commitment. 

When is the lacrosse season?

The official lacrosse season is in the spring ( Feb 1 - mid April). However, we do offer different opportunities throughout the year to continue to improve the girls skills during the off season. (For example... Fall Ball, clinic series etc)

What equipment is needed?

All athletes will need a stick, goggles and a mouthguard. Be sure to get a girls lacrosse stick and not a boys (there is a difference!). We also suggest to have a back up mouthguard (or two).

What if I am not ready to purchase equipment?

If you are not ready to purchase a stick or goggles just yet that is no problem! We offer a free equipment rental program! While supplies last we will provide athletes with a stick and/or goggles to rent/use until she finds the love for the game (which we know she will!) and you are ready to purchase on your own.

Where are practices/games?

All practices will be hosted in the Jacksonville Beaches area at Wingate Park and occasionally using Fletcher HS as well. Games/playdays will be hosted either at our home fields or out in the extending Jacksonville areas (ex: Davis Park in Ponte Vedra and Bartram Trail HS)

Whats next after the season?

There are always more opportunities to play! Our affiliated program, Thrive Lacrosse Academy, offers small group training sessions as well as personal training lessons. Additionally, if your athlete is interested in playing at a higher level there is opportunity to try out for the JAWS girls lacrosse club for more travel and tournament play that occurs outside of the normal recreational season! 

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